For some more background on "The Global Warming Swindle" documentary check out WAGtv's site Here.

Book Reference

For those who would like to read more about the case against human-caused global warming, I would recommend Dr. S. Fred Singer and Richard Avery's Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1500 years. This work presents the evidence in easily readable form that natural processes are driving the climate cycle. You can buy it from Amazon or request if from your local library.


Dr. Richard Lindzen and Dr. Yong-San Choi of MIT have recently published a paper "On the Determination of Climate Feedbacks for ERBE data" in Geophysical Research Letters that shows the eleven leading climate models to be in disagreement with experimental observations. In a nutshell the climate models which have predicted massive gobal warming in the century ahead assume a trapping of long-wave radiation to a much greater extent than 16 years of satellite data has now determined. This has the consequence of a reduction in the predicted warning by a factor of six of the course of the next century. This is major blow to the climate crisis thesis that has been presented by the IPCC (and many national governmental agencies) for many years. For a more detailed discussion of these results click here. In particular read pages 3 and 4. On page 4 note that the graph in the upper left hand corner titled ERBE which is the experimental data contrasts sharply with the other 11 graphs which represent the results of climate models. For those who want to actually read the Lindzen & Choi paper click here.

My response to Thomas Friedman's Column on Global Warming: “Your kids will be all too fluent in ‘Climate-Speak,’ ” @issue, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Aug. 10, 2008

Friedman writes about the “warming” that he experienced on his recent trip to Greenland. He should know that similar conditions existed there about a thousand years ago when the Vikings settled the island. Of course, the pro-global-warming climatologists claim that warm period, which lasted about 300 years, was just a local rather than a global occurrence. Yet Friedman and many climatologists ascribe global significance to the recent warming in Greenland that has lasted for a far shorter time. This is just one of the inconsistencies with a theory that attributes climate change to human activity.

The Global Warming Tax Bite

Given the arguments above that would cast serious doubt on the Global Warming Theory, why do goverments continue to insist on believing in it? After all aren't they very smart people? I sure that they are but the question is what is their motivation. Perhaps it isn't truth but rather something else, i.e. an big excuse to raise taxes. This is the carbon tax or Cap and Trade as it is called. These taxes will be stealthy but they still bite. Do you even know how much of your gasoline bill goes to governments rather than the oil companies? Yet you are paying. See the attached link to see how hidden taxes will increase the cost of everything you buy. Click Here

Announcing A New Climate Panel

After many years of enduring the UN's and media's assults on scientists whose research shows that the evidence does not support the climate catastrophe hypothesis, a group of scientists have formed their own ogranization: the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC). They have just released their first report on the scientific basis of the climate situation and conclude that no human-generated climate crisis is at hand. The effects of human released CO2 are uncertain and the effects a modest warming are likely to be positive.

Is Our Planet Cooling?

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